Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alexandria, September 1944: A special celebration for the Hellenic Navy

When in April 1941, after Greece was occupied by the Germans, the Hellenic Navy left Greece to continue fighting the enemy from the Middle East, the RHN battleship 'AVEROF' carried to Alexandria, Egypt, Hellenic Earth that hadn't been walked on by the invader. The earth was handed over for safe-keeping to the Patriarchal church of Saint Savas in Alexandria, was consecrated and preserved under the altar of the church.

Yesterday, September 6, 1944, a moving ceremony took place at the church of Saint Savas. After the liturgy celebrated by the Patriarch of Alexandria, the archimandrite (dean) of the fleet, the officers and members of the crew of the 'AVEROF' knelt in front of the patriarch and received from his hands in a golden box the Hellenic Earth to carry it back to the liberated homeland...

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