Sunday, September 5, 2010

H.M.S. Submarine PERSEUS - Whispers from the deep

The amazing escape story from a sunken British submarine in 1941, during WW2.

Leading Stoker John Hawtrey Capes gets out of the sunken ship and ascends to the surface from a depth of 52m. He swims to the nearby island of Cephalonia under German occupation, is sheltered by the local peaople for 18 months and escapes by caique to Turkey.

A young Greek naval officer, Lieutenant Nikolaos Merlin, executive officer on the R.H.N. submarine GLAFKOS, on a training mission onboard the PERSEUS, is among the 60 men that lost their lives.

In December 1997, the underwater exploration team of Kostas Thoctarides locates the PERSEUS at a depth of 52m. south of Cephalonia. The divers confirm the unbelievable escape story...

by Rena Giatropoulou & Kostas Thoctarides, Athens 2010, Published by the Hellenic Maritime Museum

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